A Grade Building and Repiling
Wellington member of Roofing Association, Certified builder, licensed building practitioner


Specialist Repiling

This is work normally requiring the services of an engineer to supervise, or in some circumstances, work that is “outside the square”.


We are experts in all facets, have worked all over Wellington, Kapiti Coast, Hutt Valley, Wairapa and Porirua regions. Unfortunately, in our travels, we have struck some pretty soft ground that does extend on some circumstances, quite a long way down to solid ground. We can not guess what depths are, which of course does not give our valued client, an accurate quote. The deeper the depth, the more expensive it becomes.


So if and when this happens, we employ our “Ace in the hole” technique. That is, we use specialised equipment to undertake a “Scala penetrometer” test. This is a test we personally undertake under guidance and training from engineer so client is not left waiting weeks to find out what’s what, and can get a quote rather than a guess, that can quite possibly be thousands of dollars off the mark which is what some unscrupulous repilers employ as a great little money making scheme.


The test itself attracts a prepaid fee of $550.00 excl gst. A travel fee for areas' outside Greater Wellington are additional and available upon request. 


Repiling and Foundations - Wellington, NZ

Standard Repiling

Most homes fall into this category, and unlike the specialist repiling, quoting on same is straightforward. We still do undertake scala penetrometer ground testing for which there is a pre-paid testing fee of $550.00 + gst.  A travel fee for area's outside Wellington city are additional and available upon request. 


There are pitfalls in the older homes though, but that’s uncommon, and they are not the be all and end all of repiling an older house. 50% of the time with the older homes, there may be a fraction of rotten sub-floor framing to replace, but these costs hardly ever go higher than the $1,500 mark.


When an older home is “opened” up for repiling, old drainage and plumbing is exposed. We can upgrade if need be after consulting with you first. It really is the proverbial opening up of the can of worms in some circumstances.


Robert will go through and explain everything so you, the valued client is kept in “the know”, so to speak right through out. A Grade Building and Repiling will, if possible, take out and replace all old piles, and replace with new in same place. We will also relevel house, if that is required and asked for. Not all houses can be relevelled back to perfect, but we will try our best.


Relevelling and repiling in the afore mentioned manner will make the job more expensive and it does set us aside from our competition which we pride ourselves on. If you do a job, it’s got to be completed right!